Mentally healthy workplaces are positive and productive, and get the best out of their people. Businesses that actively promote good mental health attract and retain top talent because they’re great places to work. By supporting people with mental health conditions and encouraging openness, they create workplace cultures that are diverse and inclusive.   

Everyone has a role to play in creating a mentally healthy workplace, and simple actions can make a big difference. Get started by downloading the starter kit for leaders and managers 


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The business case

Unsure why you should invest in workplace mental health? Concerned about how much it will cost?

The facts are clear: as well as benefitting employees, a mentally healthy workplace is more productive and better for your bottom line.

Taking action

Whether you’re a major corporation with thousands of employees or a self-run business with just 10, you can take action to create a mentally healthy workplace. The changes you make will depend on your business needs, and the needs of your employees. A comprehensive and sustainable plan is crucial – here are 10 ideas to help you get started

Create a Heads Up action plan for your business

This interactive tool will help you identify priority areas and provide guidance on how to get started. You’ll also have access to a whole range of resources to support you.

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    Implement actions

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Get started

Get inspired

Find out what's worked for other businesses through practical case studies and hear from the heads of Australia's Chambers of Commerce.

Small businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you might think that creating a mentally healthy workplace is too expensive. However, you also know how much it affects your company when one of your team is off work or not feeling 100 per cent.

Taking action is easier than you might think and makes good business sense.