Providing tailored support for employees 

A not-for-profit social enterprise, Clean Force provides employment for people who may be excluded from the general labour market. It also helps them develop the skills and experience required to take on different roles and eventually move into the mainstream workforce. What sets the organisation apart is its supportive, flexible and individual-focused approach. 

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Creating a great place to work 

Entity Solutions runs a range of initiatives to support a mentally healthy workplace – formal and informal, financial and non-financial, and recurring and one-off. These are linked to the company’s corporate social responsibility mission statement. Its approach to workplace mental health emphasises embedding mental health within the organisation and its culture.

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Encouraging peer-to-peer support

Firefighters are really good at looking after other people, but not so great at taking care of themselves. Through Fire & Rescue NSW's peer support program, firefighters are encouraged to connect with ‘mates’ who they can relate to and who understand the intricacies of the job, rather than a psychologist or their managers. This focus helps break down perceived barriers to seeking support, and ensures that people are referred to further information and help when needed.

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Asking the right questions 

Funded by Australian Super, the SuperFit Mates program was designed to tackle mental health issues by raising awareness and developing employees' skills. People on the ground were identified and trained to spot mental health issues in the workplace, and to ask the right kinds of questions to help their colleagues seek support. 

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Building resilience in the workplace

To address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, AccessEAP launched a a series of monthly workshops focusing on topics around mental health and resilience. Topics covered to date include stress management, workplace relationships, diet and physical health, conflict resolution and goal setting. 

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Creating a culture of openness 

Out Doors Inc.actively fosters a workplace culture of openness and mental wellness. When an employee presents an issue or problem, they know they can discuss the issue with their manager to develop and implement solutions together. 

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Supporting colleagues who may be struggling  

Caterpillar started a mental health first aid program in 2011, which has grown from a team of 16 in the first year to about 30 people in 2013. Mental health first aiders comprise a mix of workers across the company – from forklift operators to facility managers. Each has undergone a two-day mental health training session to help them identify signs of poor mental health or stress, approach colleagues who may be struggling, provide advice on available support and follow up as needed. Thank you to Fay Jackson who facilitated the Mental Health First Aid training at Caterpillar Mining.

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Providing industry leadership

Together with four major law firms in Australia and The College of Law, King & Wood Mallesons developed resilience@law. This initiative plays a leading role in raising awareness and understanding of the nature and impact of stress, depression and anxiety across the legal profession, as well as providing education and self-care strategies, support and resources. 

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Accessing professional health services at work 

As part of the Tradies' Tool Box initiative, OzHelp holds confidential one-on-one consultations with each staff member onsite. Employees receive professional advice and are able to raise any health or wellbeing concerns.

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Craze Lateral

Taking time away from the office

Craze Lateral's primary focus for improving employees' mental health is through its local Bushcare Group. The office is located near a golf course with a large amount of native vegetation that the golf course can't afford to maintain, and the Bushcare Group helps out by weeding, planting, mulching and watering. When an employee's stress levels rise, they take a break to work in the Bushcare sites and return to their desk refreshed.

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Focusing on health research and promotion 

As an important step in creating and supporting a mentally healthy workplace, Downer Mining took part in a research project to assess the nature and scope of mental health issues within its workforce. 

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Mulgowie farming

Breaking down silos and talking openly

Mulgowie Farming approached mental health and wellbeing at the workplace by focusing on changing and formalising internal systems, and addressing the organisational culture. Silos were broken down to encourage conversations between managers and employees, and across departments and geographic locations. 

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Developing a holistic corporate wellness program 

Sunsuper's mental health initiatives emerged from its broader corporate wellbeing program through growing recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace. 

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Melb water

Taking a strategic approach

Three years ago Melbourne Water conducted a gap analysis and identified that while there were good policies and procedures around safety in the workplace, there was an opportunity to do more about mental health. The organisation has since taken a more strategic approach, with initiatives organised around structured campaigns.

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Developing holistic wellness programs 

For the Department of Sport and Recreation, the mental wellness of its employees is closely tied to other kinds of wellness – physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual. Its holistic approach to mental wellness involves a range of activities, workshops and events aimed at improving overall health.

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New school logo small

Engaging staff in program planning

Designed with input from staff through focus group discussions and other channels, St Mary's Primary School's mental health initiatives focus on the connection between work and home lives. 

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Supporting people through difficult times 

Cbus recognises that issues people’s private lives can affect their experience at work. Its initiatives focus on identifying ways to support people when they're going through difficult times.

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Ambulance NSW

Providing peer-to-peer support

Ambulance NSW was concerned that front-line paramedic staff were not sharing and offloading the stresses of their jobs, and that there was an organisational attitude that this would be a sign of weakness. The organisation realised it needed to be more proactive about providing support to its staff and overcoming attitudinal barriers to communicating about stress and emotions. 

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Sharing experiences

As well as being geographically isolated, many farmers find it difficult to reach out for support when they're going through a tough time. Farmer Power provides a forum – both online and in person – for people to share their experiences and challenges, and to support each other.

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         joyfoods case study logo_180x80

Addressing workplace bullying

Joyfoods took action against workplace bullying by training employees on how to identify bullying behaviour and the expectations of them and their managers in order to prevent it. This included training to ensure all managers lead by example with positive behaviours, which leads to a respectful culture within the workplace. Other measures were also introduced. 

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