We talked to business leaders across Australia about why workplace mental health is a priority for their organisation. As well as outlining some of the benefits, they shared how small changes have helped to promote happier, healthier working environments.




Country Fire Authority (CFA) is a Victorian volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation. Watch CEO Mick Bourke and Chief Officer Euan Ferguson talk about how the CFA supports its members to manage the physical and mental health risks they face by implementing a positive culture of leadership and support.



KeepCup is an innovative global small business that encourages the use of reusable coffee cups. Abigail Forsyth, Co-Founder and CEO, explains how KeepCup adopts a pre-emptive approach to identifying and supporting employees who might be struggling.



Lend Lease is a multinational property and infrastructure company based in Sydney. Steve McCann, Group CEO and Managing Director, speaks about embracing a holistic approach to the health of workers, and the importance of leadership in creating safe and healthy workplaces and driving societal change.  



Linfox is a highly successful logistics and supply chain company operating across 10 countries in Asia Pacific. Jasmine Doak, Group Manager of Human Resources, talks about the importance of providing support to employees, and the role of individual accountability and courage in creating mentally healthy workplaces. 



Medibank is Australia’s largest health insurance and health services provider. Watch Dr. Andrew Wilson, Executive General Manager, Provider Networks and Integrated Care, speak about the links between mental health and productivity in the workplace, and how Medibank embeds positive mental health strategies into all aspects of its business. 



Retail Zoo is one of Australia’s leading food franchise businesses, operating a number of well-known brands including Boost Juice Bars. Janine Allis, Founder and Executive Director, acknowledges that healthy staff members are critical to the success of a business, and talks about the broad range of ways in which Retail Zoo tries to create mentally healthy workplaces.



Wesfarmers is the largest private employer in Australia, and operates a range of companies across diverse industry sectors including agriculture, retail, resources and insurance. In this video, Genevieve Hawkins, General Manager of Group TeamCover, describes the range of strategies Wesfarmers uses to promote the mental health and productivity of its workforce. 



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