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    Identify priority areas

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Create an action plan based on your business needs

The Heads Up action plan is a simple, free tool that helps you develop a tailored strategy to make your workplace more mentally healthy. 

You can develop your action plan in less than two minutes, but you may wish to get input from your staff as part of the process. 

Based on what you tell us about your workplace, you'll get a range of recommended actions that you can then tailor further to suit your needs. You can share responsibility by assigning each action to someone in your organisation and setting time frames for completion. 

Although you can access the tool without registering, joining Heads Up means you can save and revisit your action plan. As you start implementing your actions over the next few months, you can review your progress and check off actions. Make sure you share how you're getting on with your employees and seek their feedback!

Visit the Taking action section for guidance and ideas on preparing, implementing and reviewing your action plan, as well as tips for engaging your employees.


Here are 10 actions tailored for your business size:

Joining Heads Up

Joining Heads Up means you can save and revisit your action plan as you work through it, check off actions and give us feedback on how you're doing.  It also means we can keep you up to date with newly launched resources and share tips to help you make your workplace more mentally healthy.

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