Andrew Blyth, Former CEO, ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

“Compared to 30 years ago we’ve come a long way in tackling mental health but the stigma is still there today...the moment someone says that they’re not feeling right, in the mental health area, we tend to actually want to step back, when they actually want someone to step forward.”



Stephen Cartwright, CEO, NSW Business Chamber

“Investing in leadership training, investing in the culture of the organisation, is a big issue to set yourself apart as an employer of choice.”



Greg Bicknell, CEO, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

“A business leader’s role in creating a mentally healthy workplace is, not so much leadership, it’s almost mateship – in getting to know the people inside the workplace, what drives them, what sort of stresses they’re under, and then working as a leader to ensure that they know that the organisation and their leader cares about their mental health.”



Nick Behrens, General Manager - Advocacy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland

“Things such as challenging work, rewarding work, and a positive working environment; they’re the key influencers in terms of getting employees on board. We believe it’s exceptionally important to ensure that our staff are mentally healthy and happy.”



Nigel McBride, CEO, Business South Australia

“There are some really simple steps an employer can take to ensure that they’re doing everything to enhance mental health in the workplace.” 



Michael Bailey, CEO, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“It’s a story of communities and a story of families and to me it’s really personal…The Heads Up initiative has a key role to play for Tasmanian businesses. It’s going to help business across our state to understand that creating a mentally healthy workplace isn’t a hard thing to do, and there’s plenty of help available.”



Mark Stone, Chief Executive, Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“The leadership role in managing mental health in the workplace is to make sure that there is a strong culture of support right throughout the organisation.”



Deidre Willmott, CEO, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia

“The stigma of mental health issues has always been a big barrier to properly recognising the importance of mental health and also properly addressing mental health issues when they do arise.”