The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance National Workplace Mental Health Framework

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (MHWA) is currently working on the development of a National Workplace Mental Health Framework.

The MHWA has contracted a consortium led by Dr Clare Shann (Shann Advisory) in partnership with Angela Martin (Pracademia) and Prof Tony LaMontagne (Deakin University) to lead a scoping project on the development of a Framework.

The aim of the scoping project is to outline a high-level strategy for what needs to be done to develop the framework, including the engagement required, and, a project plan for what needs to occur to develop the Framework, and a supporting business case. For further information about the Framework, please see appendix 1.

The project has been informed by consultations with targeted Australian industry stakeholders, as well as experts from the UK and Canada, where a National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace has been introduced. The next steps in the development of the Framework will emerge from this project in mid-2018.

If you would like more information about the project, you can contact the team by email at

To learn more about the Alliance and the National Workplace Mental Health Framework follow the link below.

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