A mentally healthy workplace begins with good communication. The Heads Up leadership kit will help you demonstrate your commitment to workplace mental health and start your business on its path to improved productivity.


The leadership kit contains:


Communication templates

Start the conversation with Heads Up email templates, including sample emails to send to staff and peer managers.


Email signature graphic

Add the Heads Up logo to your email signature and let every email you send show your commitment to a mentally healthy workplace.


Heads Up poster

Print out the Heads Up poster and stick it up in your cafeteria, kitchen, meeting room or boardroom — anywhere you can reach your staff.

PwC report

PwC return on investment analysis 

Read more about research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which found that businesses receive an average return of $2.3 for every dollar spent creating a mentally healthy workplace. 

TNS report

TNS workplace mental health report

Around 90 per cent of Australian employees believe workplace mental health is important, but only 51 per cent think their employers are hitting the mark. Find out more about the reasons behind this discrepancy and how you can make mental health a leadership issue. 


Encouraging leaders to take action in the workplace

Creating a mentally healthy workplace means building  on the positive aspects of the working environment and considering changes or target areas that will help to reduce any risk factors for stress. This brochure provides some simple, concrete ideas to help you get started.



Taking care of your mental health in the workplace

All employees play a significant part in shaping workplace attitudes and the overall working environment. Find out how your people can make a difference.



Creating a mentally healthy workplace

This how-to guide for leaders and managers outlines common risks to mental health in the workplace, as well as some of the steps all businesses can take to mitigate these.