How can I help support a small business owner?

Beyond Blue has developed a guide to help you support the small business owners you know or work with.


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Often people you are close to will be doing their best to cope with the everyday challenges of owning a small business. At times they may be at risk of developing a mental health condition.

There are many challenges that can affect their mental health, including long work hours, social isolation, customer demands, cash flow issues, work-life balance, job insecurity, lack of administrative support and more.

Your close connection as a work contact, friend or family member puts you in a great position to detect worrying changes in behaviour.

You are also in a position to recognise issues affecting the business that may be detrimental to the owner’s mental health and wellbeing.

This guide outlines actions you can take to support a client, customer, family member or friend, including:

  • Who to contact for immediate support
  • What are the symptoms of poor mental health and wellbeing
  • How to speak with someone you’re concerned about
  • How to help small business owners take action
  • How to look after your own mental health


Support yourself and small businesses: A learning course for business advisers

We now have a free, four-part learning course, Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses, designed to improve mental health and wellbeing literacy, and educate advisers about how to have an empathetic conversation with small business owners they know.


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Resources for small businesses and sole operators

Are you a small business owner? Head to the small business section of our website for information and resources on supporting your mental health.


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