Step 4: Monitor, review and improve

It is important to monitor and review your progress, so you can see how you are tracking and measure the effectiveness of your initiatives. Plan your review process before you start implementing any actions.

Create a baseline measure for mental health in your workplace  

Use information from:

  • staff
  • health and safety committees
  • audits
  • Human Resources.

Also consider the data you gathered in Step two: Consider what you are already doing and how it could be improved to use as a baseline measure.



Determine what success looks like, as well as how you’ll measure it and what you’ll need to sustain it

For example, more positive feedback or ratings from staff about the mental health of your workplace, or reduced staff absenteeism within a twelve-month period.



Review the impact of your plan

• Has the action achieved the goal? If not, why?
• Did the action have a positive impact on your employees’ mental health? If so, how? 
• Are there any areas that need more work?
• The Action Plan template (PDF) is designed to support your review. You should fill it out before you begin to implement any actions and again afterwards, so you can compare the responses.
• Are there other factors that contributed to (or prevented) a positive outcome.
• Has the action resulted in an unintended change?

This template (PDF) can help you review your actions and their impact on the workplace. 



Further reading and resources

The following resources can help: