Return on investment tool

How much could your business save?

The Heads Up ROI tool helps you calculate the potential cost savings of taking action to create a mentally healthy workplace, based on your business size and industry. It draws on analysis by PwC (PDF), which averages out the impact of seven common workplace mental health initiatives.

By tailoring actions to your business' specific needs and objectives, you can expect to achieve an even larger ROI. And because PwC's analysis doesn't include the costs associated with employee turnover, these figures are likely to be conservative - the real savings to your business could be significantly higher.

Add in the intangible benefits, such as becoming an employer of choice and improving team morale, and the case for mentally healthy workplaces is clear.


How to use this tool

  • Select your industry and organisation size. 
  • Check out the 'Did you know' statistics for your business type.
  • Click the 'Show detailed breakdown' tab to see how your investment is likely to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism and compensation claims.




Did you know?