A good plan to help someone stay at or return to work will provide clarity on roles, responsibilities and strategies to support their recovery.

Look at it as a joint effort that benefits both parties, rather than something to be imposed on the employee.

Every plan will be unique, but there are some useful steps everyone can take as part of this process.


  • How are they feeling about work?
  • What might prevent them from remaining at or returning to work?
  • What adjustments or changes would support their recovery?
  • What sorts of strategies would help them cope with issues at work?
  • If they have had some time off, when might they be ready to return to work?
  • Is it OK to speak to the employee’s health professionals about their recovery and readiness for work?



  • Who is responsible for what?
  • What additional support will be available?
  • How will the plan be implemented, monitored and reviewed?
  • What is the time period – one month, six months or longer?






  • When will the plan be reviewed?
  • How will you make changes together?
  • Will you continue to check in with the employee after the defined time period? How will this happen?