National Workplace Program

Beyond Blue is no longer offering the National Workplace Program (NWP) mental health training courses.  However, to continue supporting individuals and organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces below is a list of topics covered by the NWP workshops with links to free information.

Additionally, the Heads Up website has a wide range of resources available to support you in the workplace including fact sheets, brochures and information booklets for order or download as well as case studies and personal stories.

There is also online training available, including webinars and Tool box talks as well as other evidence-based mental health training options.

If you have any enquiries about the cessation of the NWP, or need further support, please contact us at:

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Executive briefing

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Increasing awareness and understanding within organisations

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Awareness and strategies for employees

BL0949_NWP thumbnail_250x325

Awareness and strategies for managers

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Awareness and strategies for HR professionals