Toolbox talks for all workplaces

beyondblue’s ‘Mental health in the workplace’ toolbox talk training package is designed to equip anyone managing staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver mental health toolbox talks to their team. It aims to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace, reduce workplace stigma and support staff who may be experiencing a mental health condition.

The training workshop covers three topics that team leaders and managers deliver to their staff in five-minute toolbox talk sessions (one for each topic). The topics are:

1. About anxiety and depression

2. The relationship between the workplace and mental health

3. Taking action to support someone at work

The training uses videos, case studies and individual and group activities to guide learning.


How does the training package work?

A nominated

workplace professional/

delivers a
90 minute training session to

team leaders and managers


three x five-minute
toolbox talk sessions to



Who is a workplace professional/educator?

Nominated professionals/educators may include human resources professionals, return to work coordinators, occupational health and safety advisors, or a workplace champion.

What is a toolbox talk?

A toolbox talk is defined as any team meeting or gathering with a workplace team. 

"I'd definitely promote this program to other companies. I believe that it was a great benefit to us in breaking down barriers and getting people (especially the men) to talk about their mental health. I was quite surprised and encouraged by how forthcoming the men were during and after the sessions."

~ Manufacturing Company, South Australia ~ 


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'Mental health in the workplace' toolbox talk training package

Download the educator’s guide, participant handbook, and PowerPoint presentation via the links below.

  • Download the educator's guide (PDF, 40pg, 34.5MB)
  • Download the participant handbook (PDF, 46pg, 10.1MB)
  • Download the PowerPoint presentation (PPTX, 29pg, 70.1MB)
    Please note: Two slides in this presentation have been updated to reflect changes in current statistics and recommended online resources. These changes are not yet in the educator guide or participant handbook. Please see the notes in the PowerPoint presentation for slides five and 26 for suggestions on how to communicate these changes to toolbox talk participants.
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  • To order the resource pack, click the ‘Order the resource pack’ button below. This will take you to the Heads Up resource catalogue. If you haven’t already done so, you will first need to register your organisation to place your order and provide delivery details. Once you have registered and are logged into the catalogue, enter BL/1634 in the search window and then add the quantity you require (one for each delegate attending the training). This should be done at least three weeks before the training day to allow for processing and delivery.

The resource pack contains 10 wallet cards, two posters, a beyondblue Anxiety and depression: An information booklet, and a Taking care of your mental health in the workplace: A guide for employee’s brochure. Additional wallet cards and posters are available to order.