R U OK? workplace resources

Oct 30, 2014

A new workplace campaign by suicide prevention organisation R U OK? aims to remind workmates that while there are some things you shouldn't ask a colleague, "Are you okay?" isn't one of them.

The new campaign uses humour to highlight that while some questions, like "Got any spare undies?", shouldn't be asked at work, other questions, like "Are you okay?", are an important part of creating a mentally healthy workplace.

While staff often want to reach out to a workmate who is struggling, this can be a daunting conversation because of the fear of saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse.

As part of the "Got any spare undies?" campaign, R U OK? is providing employers with free resources to pass on to staff to help inspire colleagues to start life-changing conversations.

View and download R U OK? resources

For more information on having a conversation in the workplace with someone who has been behaving differently or doesn't seem their usual self, visit the Heads Up Having a Conversation page.



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