Culture of belonging helps boost productivity

Dec 18, 2014

Leaders who create a collective sense of purpose help to improve productivity and employee wellbeing, according to new research by The University of Queensland (UQ).

The study, led by UQ's School of Psychology, shows that leaders and managers have an important role to play in fostering a shared workplace identity. Employees who feel part of a group and work towards joint goals report increased positivity, motivation and overall health.  

“Leaders who create a strong sense of ‘us’ and a sense of belonging within their teams help staff to feel more positive about their work,” said lead researcher Dr Niklas Steffens.

“Feeling part of a group affects an employee’s sense of self-worth and increases their sense of achievement. Our results show that mental health and performance are mutually dependent and can be improved through effective leadership."

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Workplace leaders improve employee wellbeing study

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