Supporting employees with mental health conditions - what your business can do

Jul 10, 2015

Strong policies, training and adopting a case-by-case approach are key to ensuring a holistic solution, helping someone experiencing a mental health issue to stay at or return to work.

Increasing numbers of businesses are recognising the significance of workplace mental health, with wellbeing and resilience programs growing in popularity. Many are less confident, however, when it comes to dealing with individual employees who may be struggling.

In this opinion piece, a top UK employment lawyer outlines a strategy designed to help organisations address when, how and who should intervene to support employees experiencing a mental health condition.

The article identifies three areas which focus on education, the early identification of  mental health issues in the workplace, and how to take action:

  1. Policy audit and reform: Put a mental health policy in place that directly addresses how mental health issues should be tackled in the workplace and consider how mental health issues can be incorporated in other policies. As well as improving clarity and creating robust processes and procedures, an articulated policy on mental health helps to reduce stigma and promotes openness.
  2. Educate and train managers/HR on mental health at work and its legal and organisational implications. Awareness training means managers can intervene early, improving outcomes for employees. 
  3. Ensure a case-by-case approach for dealing with employees with mental health issues, bringing together the medical, management and legal perspectives.


Policy templates

The following Heads Up templates can help you develop policies and procedures for your organisation, helping you ensure a consistent approach. 


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