Celebrating Mental Health Week

Oct 01, 2015

With the theme of ‘Mental health begins with me’, this year’s Mental Health Week campaign (4-10 October) is all about personal responsibility, and the simple changes we can all make to improve our own mental health and wellbeing. It's also about what we can do to support the people around us - our friends, colleagues and those we manage.

Everyone in the workplace can get involved by:

  • Making a personal mental health promise. As well as sharing these with your colleagues, you can post your pledge on the campaign website's promise wall. With almost 10,000 pledges already shared, there’s plenty of inspiration from people across the country.
  • Checking in with a colleague. If someone you work with doesn’t quite seem themselves, ask them how they’re going. Even a simple ‘Are you OK?’ can make a huge difference for someone experiencing anxiety or depression.
  • Getting social. Jump on Mental Health Australia and Beyond Blue’s Facebook feeds for updates, news tips on how to stay mentally healthy.
  • Heading to a local event…or running your own. The campaign site has a full list of events around the country, so there’s plenty of choice.
  • Monitoring your stress levels. Reflect on your own mental wellbeing and any issues that are causing stress at work. We’ve got some tips and strategies to help. 

Reinforcing positive change – ideas for leaders and managers

  • Improving understanding and awareness. A host of training options are available to help everyone in the workplace develop their knowledge and skills. Check out Beyond Blue’s free online learning programs, which includes tailored sessions for leaders, managers, employees and HR professionals.
  • Taking stock of your progress. Regardless of where you’re up to in your Heads Up journey, this week is an ideal opportunity to reflect on what’s working well and where you should refocus your efforts. Make sure you get your employees involved to boost engagement and ownership.
  • Sharing your story. If you have a personal experience of anxiety, depression or suicide, either directly or supporting someone close to you, you may choose to speak openly about your experience to tackle stigma. If you’re sharing someone else’s story, don’t forget to get their permission first.

Happy Mental Health Week from the Heads Up team!



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