Scaling back on workplace stress

May 10, 2016

A new guide from WorkSafe Victoria aims to help businesses better understand and manage work-related stress, for the benefit of all employees.

We all know what work-stress feels like, and we’ve probably all been in situations at work where we’ve thought there must be an easier, lower-stress way of doing things. Individual actions, mindfulness apps and lunch-time yoga will only get your workplace part of the way. For long-lasting, systemic change, employers need to look at organisational and environmental factors – things like support from managers and colleagues, role clarity, relationships and change management.

Busting stress is good for everyone – employees are happier and more productive; employers benefit from a more engaged workforce and ensure they meet their legislative requirements in providing a healthy, safe working environment.

About the guide 

WorkSafe Victoria's guide provides a ‘how to’ approach to understanding and managing stress, including how to develop and implement a risk management process, and providing early intervention tips to help managers. 

Check it out and head over to our LinkedIn page to keep us updated on your progress! 


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