Resources industry taps into meditation

Jul 11, 2016

Mindfulness-based stress management is growing in popularity across the oil and gas industry as the sector responds to a rise in mental health awareness.

Rigzone, a prominent online news site for the oil and gas industry, is reporting that mindfulness-based stress management is growing in popularity as the sector responds to a rise in mental health awareness.

Dr Steve Smith, senior lecturer in mental health and wellbeing at Scotland's Robert Gordon University, is currently working with North Sea oil and gas companies as they seek new ways to protect their workforce from the harmful effects of work-related stress.

Smith told Rigzone: “Mindfulness-based training is flexible to any audience and working environment, and has been shown to significantly reduce stress and anxiety, lessen distraction and increase attention to task. Mindfulness practice can also help staff to achieve more and to a higher standard”.

More about mindfulness therapies

  • The Australian Government's mindhealthconnect website has a library of online mindfulness programs.
  • Smiling Mind is a web and App-based program developed by a team of psychologists. 
  • Several studies have shown that mindfulness meditation helps combat stress, improves focus and increases resilience. 



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