Supportive leadership the key for improving mental health at work

Jul 27, 2016

According to this article from the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA), the 'most powerful predictor' for wellbeing at work is supportive leadership.

Rachel Clements, a registered organisational psychologist and the cofounder and director of Psychological Services at the Centre for Corporate Health found that managers, particularly in the legal and finance professions, often don’t feel like they would know what to say if an employee was struggling – so they don’t say anything at all.

The report highlights a number of emerging trends in mental health conditions in the workplace, and she said organisations which are investing time, money and resources into initiatives aimed at creating a mentally healthy workplace are seeing results.

“Just like mitigating physical injuries in the workplace, OHS leaders need to continue the shift from reacting to psychological injuries and mental health concerns once they have occurred to preventing them from coming to fruition in the first place,” Rachel said.

“This means getting to know the unique psychosocial risk factors that are present in their industry and in their organisation and implementing proactive policies, procedures and operational practices for reducing these risks.”

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