Workplace campaign aims to end stigma

Aug 01, 2016

G&S Engineering is already seeing the benefits of its #HANDSUP initiative, which focuses on mental health in the workplace, community and at home.

What do you do if you notice a rising prevalence of mental health conditions and suicide risk among your predominately male, geographically isolated workforce? Well, if you're G&S Engineering, you create a tailor-made campaign by employees, for employees, that normalises mental health issues and gets your whole organisation talking!   

A key focal point of the #HANDSUP initiative is the powerful I know someone video, featuring G&S employees sharing their own experiences of mental health conditions and supporting loved ones. 

Through these personal connections I know someone reinforces the point that as well as the individual person, the effects of mental health conditions are felt by families, friends and colleagues. It also illustrates how mentally healthy workplaces and communities are better for all of us. 

Through the #HANDSUP initiative, G&S aims to break down the stigma associated with mental health and create a workplace where it's OK to speak up and seek help, without fear of judgement.

Check out the video by clicking the image below

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Toolkit sees results 

As well as the video, the #HANDSUP toolkit includes a range of resources to help all employees take care of their own mental health and support their mates.

In the 12 months since the initiative rolled out to G&S's 1,000-strong workforce, positive changes have come thick and fast. The company's EAP has seen a surge in referrals, while managers and employees across the organisation report feeling more confident asking for and offering support.



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