Supportive management is key to creating mentally healthy workplaces

Feb 13, 2017

Mentally healthy workplaces create an environment that helps staff to be more open about mental health conditions and get the support they need when they're at work.

Most of us spend on average a third of our adult life at work – unsurprisingly, our relationships at work and our work environment are crucial to our overall wellbeing.

A supportive workplace can play a vital role in recovery, and provide security, structure, social connection, and a sense of purpose for an employee.

In fact, having a supportive manager or supervisor is the most crucial factor in remaining or returning to work with a mental health condition.

Supporting someone in your workplace can be tricky. It can be hard to know what to say or do if a colleague or an employee discloses a mental health condition to you.

And it can be daunting for employees thinking about whether or not to disclose a mental health condition to a manager or employer.

However, by working on creating supportive relationships with your employees, you can help create a safe environment to hold open conversations about mental health at work.

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Looking for ways to support your staff?

If you are concerned someone you manage may be struggling, it’s important to start a conversation with them.

It can be hard to know what to say, but just by being supportive and listening, you can make all the difference.

Our having a conversation guide can help you with ideas about how to start a dialogue with someone you're concerned about at work.

Your support can help reduce stigma, encourage a more open dialogue about mental health in your workplace and make employees feel better supported.

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Are you a manager, or in a leadership position where you are asked to support staff?

Find out how you can support your staff and encourage good mental health in your workplace



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