Bite-sized information sessions improving workplace mental health

Feb 13, 2017

Companies around the world are using 'toolbox talks' - regular five-minute team discussions - to boost employees' knowledge and confidence around mental health.

In the UK, rail construction company Crossrail is developing a major new train line through London, employing thousands of workers across the capital.

Recognising the pressures that come with delivering such a complex, large-scale infrastructure project, the company has introduced regular toolbox talks as part of its multifaceted wellbeing program, aimed at supporting its male-dominated workforce. 

Kadar Duale, one of Crossrail's team of wellbeing champions, told the BBC that building employees' awareness and confidence around mental health was contributing to a growing culture of openness across the organisation. 


Toolbox talks: in a nutshell

So what exactly are toolbox talks, and how can they help your workplace?

Designed to be delivered regularly at team level, toolbox talks are a quick and easy way to communicate directly with employees and improve understanding around workplace health and safety. And because they focus on short, easily digestible chunks of information, they're an ideal format to introduce new concepts without being overwhelming.   

If you're keen to give toolbox talks a try in your workplace, our training package can help you get started.

Designed to give anyone who manages people the skills and confidence to deliver five-minute sessions to their teams, the training features videos, case studies and individual and group activities.

You'll learn how to talk to your team about:

  • anxiety and depression
  • the relationship between the workplace and mental health
  • taking action to support someone at work.

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