New free online learning module helps manage mental health risks

Apr 27, 2017

Today, on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we’ve launched a new free online interactive training module to support managers and employees address mental health risks in the workplace. Many employees experience workplace stress, which is a significant risk to workplace mental health.

The training module, Managing Mental Health Risks at Work – Training for Managers and Employees, offers a series of interactive role-playing workplace scenarios designed to help you make a positive impact on mental health in your workplace.

This module allows employees and managers to assess common workplace scenarios that can impact the mental health of employees, explores potential actions, and suggests approaches to addressing mental health in the workplace.

With an estimated 45 per cent of Australians experiencing a mental health condition within their lifetime and 1 in 5 workers experiencing a mental health condition at any given time, this tool will help employees and managers protect workers’ mental health.

Kerin painting

Kerin's story

Kerin worked long hours in the corporate world, taking on a growing workload as time went on. She worked so much overtime she became physically unwell.

“I had been working long hours and going the extra mile, doing more than I should have, which is why it really hit me when someone accused me of poor performance.”

“I remember one day sleeping under my desk because I was tired.”

After she started to be bullied at work, she developed panic attacks and a few months later, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

She wishes she had known the importance of work-life balance and pursued hobbies, such as painting, which she now uses to relax.

“Everything had become so dark and dull, so it's wonderful to work with colour,” she said.

Kerin’s story is a compelling account of how workplace stress can be related to excessive hours, which is a risk factor for mental health problems among employees.

She talks about how work-life balance is crucial for maintaining good mental health and how both employees and employers have a part to play in ensuring wellbeing at work.

The online training module is a great way for employees to better understand how to manage mental health risks at work and show managers what they can do to support their staff.

The module covers scenarios including:

  • workplace bullying
  • lack of clearly defined work roles
  • poor organisation change management practices
  • high stress interactions with customers, and;
  • work stress as a result of regularly working excessive hours.

The training module can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

We’ve heard your requests for a downloadable e-learning module that meets SCORM standards, and so we’ve made this training module available as a free download.

This means you will be able to install the module in your company’s own Learning Management System (LMS), allowing you to measure which scenarios your staff have explored and how many have completed the module.

The training serves as a good reminder that mental health at work is every bit as important as physical safety.

Check out the free online training module


Kerin painting

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