“Job flexibility is a game changer”

Jul 03, 2018

The increasing trend towards more flexible employment options has proven to be a great way to support staff and create mentally healthy working environments.

Flexible work arrangements are all about finding new ways of working that better fit into employees’ day-to-day life. More and more we are seeing that flexibility can increase productivity, motivate staff, reduce levels of sick leave and increase staff retention. Businesses not only enjoy an increase in staff morale, but the cost benefits of a more efficient workforce and less office space required.

It can also help attract potential employees to the business with 80 and 88 per cent of workers in a 2017 survey choosing working from home and flexible working hours respectively, as their most wanted perks when searching for a new job.

Types of flexible working can include:

  • working from home or somewhere more convenient instead of the office or work site
  • changing start or finish times to accommodate personal commitments
  • working longer days to provide for a shorter working week
  • job sharing
  • working part time after returning to work from an extended leave (e.g. maternity leave)
  • taking leave without pay.


Someone who is already living and breathing the flexible working lifestyle is Shannon Miles, CEO of a fully remote team of 6,000 people, who was featured in Forbes magazine recently.

Shannon challenges the norm of working in an office and believes that “job flexibility is a game changer.”

“We’ve been told for far too long that we have to go into an office, brave the commute, work 40+ hours a week and climb the corporate ladder.”

By directing our time towards what we want to do, our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing can all improve, asserts Shannon.

“We finally feel like we’re in control of our lives instead of allowing other things, like work or kids, control us.”

Different organisations work in different ways however, and have different requirements of their employees. Where remote work might not be a possibility, working flexible hours might be an option instead.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what suits employees and the workplace, ensuring both achieve a great outcome.


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