The impact of the Australian bushfires on businesses and employees

Feb 04, 2020

Find information to help protect your mental health, and financial and other assistance you may be eligible for if you own a business affected by the bushfires.

The recent bushfire crisis has had a significant effect on people in Australia, which includes employees, managers and businesses.

You may operate a business or work in an affected area, manage employees, or your job means you’re providing services for the emergency response. It’s important to protect your own mental health and be aware of those you work with.

General guidance for protecting your mental health at work

Having a conversation with a workmate you’re concerned about

If your business, including if you are a primary producer, has been affected by the bushfire crisis you may be eligible for financial grants, loans or other assistance. The National Bushfire Recovery Agency has information on support available.

Useful facts sheets at this link include:

Assistance for Small Business affected by the Bushfires
Assistance for Farmers affected by the Bushfires

The National Bushfire Recovery Agency also has a fact sheet that covers:

Assistance for Volunteer Firefighters affected by Bushfires

Information on support for businesses from selected state governments is included here:


Other useful information can be found here:

The Australian Taxation Office is supporting businesses impacted by bushfires

Employee rights including annual leave, sick and carer’s leave, and community service leave

More on how individuals and communities can deal with the impacts of the bushfires is available here


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