In this series of videos, people from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions share their experiences of working with a mental health condition. They also discuss the various levels of support offered by their employers, including what worked well and what could have been done differently to help them recover.

Michael had been working in the mining industry for many years when he experienced depression in his workplace.

Katie works in retail and has an ongoing mental health condition. Her manager is very supportive, helping her to remain at work. 

Sonia was working in the emergency services sector when she was diagnosed with depression after a period of workplace bullying. 

A work health and safety manager in the manufacturing industry, Len has had both positive and negative experiences in the workplace relating to his mental health. 

Naomi was studying to be a doctor when she first experienced depression. Now a practising GP, she has a range of other roles including working as club doctor for a Victorian football club. 

An aeronautical engineer, Tom first experienced anxiety and depression while on an overseas work trip. 

Diana was working as an anaesthetist in rural Australia when she first experienced depression. 

While experiencing anxiety, Oli found that snowballing worries made it harder to be productive at work. 

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This series features people working in industries that are traditionally male-dominated, such as construction, police, and the legal profession.