Don't miss the free webinar series by beyondblue and Heads Up on workplace mental health using evidence-based research and current best practise trends.

Upcoming webinars

beyondblue is delivering two webinar events in October specifically for workplace settings aiming to increase the knowledge and skills of employees and managers on mental health issues in the workplace.

The two events will be delivered by Liz Tobin, Workplace Health and Wellbeing Facilitator, Executive Coach and Consultant.


Webinar 1: Workplace mental health awareness

Thursday 11 October, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

The first webinar in the series aims to increase participants' awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety including understanding mental health risk and protective factors in the workplace, strategies to look after yourself and information on support and resources available.


Webinar 2: Supporting staff and colleagues

Thursday 25 October, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Continuing on from the first webinar, this event will outline tips for having a conversation with someone at work you may be concerned about, supporting an employee’s or a colleague’s recovery at work, and information to know what supports and resources are available for staff and how to access them for the workplace.


Previous webinars


Better mental health at work – why it matters?

Healthy workplaces promote mental health and wellbeing. They are positive and productive and get the best out of everyone in the workplace. Businesses that care about good mental health and wellbeing attract and keep top talent because they’re great places to work. The facts are clear – as well as benefiting employees, a mentally healthy workplace is also better for your bottom line.

Pippa Rose, Workplace Implementation Manager for beyondblue, discusses the importance of mentally healthy workplaces, the business case for taking action and examples of free resources available through the Heads Up website. 

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Pippa Rose



Developing a mental health strategy for your workplace

Developing strategies for a healthy workplace provides a framework for your workplace to promote mental wellbeing, minimise workplace risks to mental health, support people experiencing mental health issues and reduce stigma associated with mental health conditions. Every workplace is unique, so your approach needs to be tailored to fit your workplace.


Rachel Komen, Workplace Project Manager for beyondblue, outlines the steps involved in developing a workplace mental health strategy, including the critical success factors that will assist in developing a successful strategy, and discuss how the Heads Up website can help.

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Rachel Komen Profile shot



Developing a plan and taking action on workplace mental health

When considering the mental health of your workplace, it is important that an organisation takes an approach that suits its specific needs and priorities.

In developing your plan, evidence shows that taking an integrated approach leads to the greater benefits. In this context, an ‘integrated approach’ is about everyone in the workplace. It focusses on three components:

  • promoting the positives of work and wellbeing
  • protecting the mental health of all staff, and
  • supporting staff with mental health conditions.

Linking to the integrated approach, Mark Leopold from the Workplace Engagement team at beyondblue provides practical guidance to assist in identifying, prioritising and implementing actions that you can undertake in your workplace.

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Mark Leopold



How to run a Mental Health Toolbox Talk training session in your workplace

Do you want to run an engaging Toolbox Talk session on mental health in your workplace?

beyondblue's ‘Mental health in the workplace’ Toolbox Talk training package provides workplaces with free resources to equip team leaders, or anyone managing staff, with the skills and confidence to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace, reduce stigma and support staff experiencing a mental health condition.


Catherine Doherty, from the Workplace Engagement team at beyondblue, gives an overview of the ‘Mental health in the workplace’ Toolbox Talk training package in this webinar, so you can better understand how it works and what’s involved.

Catherine Doherty

Mardi Webber, from ReturnToWorkSA, joins Catherine to share tips and considerations and answer any questions, so that you can learn from her experience in delivering the Toolbox Talk training, and training others on how to deliver it.

Mardi Webber

These Toolbox Talks are useful for every workplace – not just for those that use tools! A Toolbox talk is defined as any team meeting or gathering with a workplace team. You don’t need to be a mental health expert to run the training in your workplace either.

You can be a HR professional, Return to Work Coordinator, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, a workplace educator or a workplace champion who wants to make a difference. No matter your role, we encourage you to check out this webinar and learn how to run a Toolbox Talk session in your workplace.

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Other webinars

Emotionally challenging work – managing the risk webinar

Watch Worksafe Queensland's Emotionally challenging work – managing the risk webinar about building and maintaining mentally healthy workplaces, which promote and support positive mental health and minimise the risk of psychological injury, featuring beyondblue’s Police & emergency Services Engagement Manager, Rob Heaslip.

Workplace bullying and mental health

Watch Worksafe Queensland’s Workplace bullying and mental health webinar, in which beyondblue’s Workplace Engagement Manager, Michael O’Hanlon, introduces the topic of workplace bullying and the barriers workers are faced with when returning to work.

Workplace violence and mental health

Watch Worksafe Queensland’s Workplace violence and mental health webinar, in which beyondblue’s Workplace Engagement Manager, Michael O’Hanlon, introduces the topic of workplace violence and the effects it has in the workplace and for workers returning to work.

Reasonable Adjustments & Mental Health Conditions

With one in five workers likely to experience a mental health condition at any time (whether resulting from a workplace injury or not), it is important that businesses have a strategy to support these workers and help them return to work.

Watch Worksafe Queensland’s Reasonable Adjustments & Mental Health Conditions webinar, in which beyondblue’s Workplace Engagement Manager, Michael O’Hanlon delivers practical recommendations of reasonable adjustments that businesses can make to support a worker with a psychological injury.




Creating mentally healthy workplaces – for small businesses

Hear beyondblue’s Nick Arvanitis speak on what small businesses can do to create a mentally healthy workplace, as well as give tips on how small business owners can take care of their mental health and that of their staff's.

Download for free via the links below.



Mentally healthy workplaces – for rural and remote areas

Listen to the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) ‘Mentally Healthy Workplaces’ podcast (as part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ series), featuring beyondblue’s Nick Arvanitis:



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