Speaker 1: The Heads Up campaign not only increases the awareness of managing mental health, but importantly gives business the tools that it needs to better manage and work with its staff in the areas of mental health.

Speaker 2: These issues are alive and well in every workplace, in every employment environment, and this is a perfectly timed program to bring a much needed toolkit to employers.

Speaker 3: Everybody wants to do the right thing. They're just not quite sure what that means for them and their business. So, the Heads Up website will provide people with tools and information, so that people can put things in place for their business, to ensure that they have a mentally healthy work place.

Speaker 4: I think the online action plan will be a benefit to businesses. I think that the wait sign post potential, flash points within your business about how you could perform better, or things you may have overlooked. It's really terrific, and then within that the action point that gives you to come off that provides some really wins.

Speaker 5: It's online. It's easy to use. It's able to be tailored to the specific environment it's being used, and it provides practical solutions for managers to deploy.

Speaker 6: I can certainly see value for my managers, and I can also see where it would benefit someone that was wanting to just better understand their situation in relations to potential mental health issue.

Speaker 7: It gives you access to great information, tips, advice, resources. But also in those regional areas and some of the really small regional communities, there may not be direct access to services, and some businesses will want to use a bit of discretion.

Speaker 8: To have that information available at their fingertips, we'll enable them to have a look what they got in place, but to also see where they could improve their practice of mental health in the workplace.

Speaker 9: To have a toolkit like that, that's available online 24/7 to help really understand what's going on with mental health in the workplace will be extraordinary valuable.