Craze Lateral Solutions is a consulting company that my husband and I started in 1990 in mental health and social policy.Our main clients today are government departments. They come to us with a problem that they want solved. 

It might be: How can we make mental health services better? Or how can we improve life for rural and remote communities. 

My name is Leanne Craze, I'm the director of Craze Lateral Solutions. 

The thing I love most is the flexibility that it gives us in making a difference for other people. Work can commence between 4 and 9am. It'll probably be around 10 hours a day. We have three main employees, and at any one time, we may have three subcontractors.

A typical office day will involve a mix of phone calls, answering emails and writing reports. The other half of our work is going out, meeting with people anywhere in Australia. 

Running your own business and especially from home is challenging, you're responsible for absolutely everything. We do have difficulty controlling our workload. 

Other problems we've experienced are blurred boundaries between home and work, that's an issue that everyone is facing now because of our iPhones being readily contactable almost 24 hours a day.

I realised I'm not looking after my own stress. We decided we had to do something, and so on this beautiful, public golf course, I started to remove the rubbish and the weeds. Eventually, the council, they offered for us to join their Bushcare initiative. 

What I found was that it helped me to leave my desk for 20 minutes. Some of our Bushcare sites are right outside our back door, and so what I do is pull a few weeds, I go back in, I feel far more relaxed, and I can think the most brilliant of thoughts.

The strategy of getting out for 20 minutes, twice a day does help sustainability because if we become unwell, our work won't get done; so just those simple actions that become habit will help us to be sustainable in our work. 

I've learnt congratulating yourself is important for mental health. When I think of what our victories are, they're about life becoming better, and Friday drinks is just a nice way of celebrating the week. 

It helps us to step over the line from work and into home.