I'm Jasmine Doak and I'm from Linfox. I'm the group manager of human resources. Linfox has been leading the way in health and safety for a long time now. We have our Vision ZERO, and part of that vision is mental health in the workplace, as well as people's physical health and safety.

At Linfox, we see things a little bit differently. Peter Fox often talks about the fact that we're a family-owned company, so it's in our DNA. So if we have a mentally healthy workplace, we're gonna have more engaged employees, we're gonna have people there more often and being productive. But probably, what's more important to us is actually making a difference to those employees and their families.

Because we have over 175 sites Australia-wide, it's actually really difficult for us to get to every single manager. So while we absolutely do face-to-face training, we also provide as much online material as we can, which will allow individual site managers to put together action plans for their sites.

We have eight guiding values, the Linfox values. Two of those values I think are really important in this area. One of them is courage and the other is individual accountability. So we want from our leaders, as well as from our employees to take some individual accountability in this area. And we also want them to show courage, we want them to have courage to have a conversation if somebody looks like they could do with a hand, courage to ask for help when they need it, and courage to make sure that we make Linfox a mentally healthy workplace.

The Heads Up initiative is absolutely going to play a valuable role for Australian workplaces in businesses. I don't think anybody intends to underestimate the importance of mentally healthy workplaces, but what I do think might happen sometimes is people don't understand where they are in that journey. So what I will encourage workplaces to do is contact someone, talk to Beyond Blue, have a look at the Heads Up website and have a think about what more could I be doing, so that people can put things in place for their business to ensure that they have a mentally healthy workplace.