My name is Janine Allis, and my job title is Founder and Executive Director of Retail Zoo.

I think the interesting thing with mental health is it's an invisible disease, so you don't see it. Someone comes in with a broken leg, it's "Oh, my God, how are you?" But mental health is still a very important issue and something that people do need support with. It is absolutely critical for the productivity of a business to have healthy staff members.

Healthy comes in many forms. It comes in body, it also comes in mind. And if you haven't got a healthy mind, then your productivity is going to be low. So, if you can help encourage a healthy mind, you're gonna get better productivity. The companies that spend more time thinking about their staff will keep staff longer. At the end of the day, success or failure of any business is its people. They wanna know that it is a healthy workplace, that they're respected, that they're listened to, and it suits their lifestyles.

We do many things at Boost Juice Bars and Retail Zoo to actually create a very healthy workplace environment. My firm belief is you never have to work on your birthday. The other thing we do is during the summer period, we actually have flexibility in our work days. We've tried yoga, we've had in-house massages. We've tried many things to incorporate a very healthy workplace.

It's important that we're proactive instead of reactive and work in a way that we can create systems to ensure that people can actually address some of their mental health issues and not feel that there is a stigma attached to it. The Heads Up Initiative is a phenomenal solution to the problems that businesses have with regard to mental health, and I think that every business should look at this program and really look at how it can help their business to be better in this space.