Speaker 1: Pros and cons, I've got 'em going around and around in my head. Reasons not to tell my boss I've got this anxiety condition. Like what if he reacts negatively, thinks I'm some kind of loser? Look, he's a decent enough bloke, but I don't know if it's gonna affect my promotion. And we just don't talk about emotional stuff at work. Depression, anxiety, we pretend it just doesn't happen. And once I've told him, I can't take that back. Who knows, maybe this whole thing will just blow over quickly. I've got the support of Diane, the psychologist, so I don't feel alone. So what would I tell him? Well, like Diane said, I've made mistakes at work, it makes me feel lousy, but the boss has already pulled me up for those mistakes. I wanna be straight with him, and I really do wanna stay at this job. My work's stressful and the only way I'm getting better... Yeah, the only way I'm gonna get better is to reduce that stress. So, if he changes my schedule that would help, at least in the short term but that would definitely help.


S1: Oh, hey.

Speaker 2: I wondered what had happened to you.

S1: Yeah, I'm just thinking about it all.

S2: Are you gonna tell him?

S1: I don't know, I just... I just think it's gonna make things worse. You know, what Martin's like, he's not gonna understand. He's gonna think I'm just trying to get out of more work.

S2: But if you're not yourself and the stress of work is making your anxiety worse then you're not gonna get better. Let's have a coffee, and we'll write down a list of all the reasons to tell and reasons not to tell. It'll help you decide.

S1: A list. Yeah, you think everything's solved with a list.

S2: Yeah, having a list can solve problems. We'll do the pros and then we'll do the cons.

S1: I don't know, you still have to decide.


S2: When did you do this?

S1: I've been mulling over that for the last week. I just can't make up my mind.

S2: Well, it's your decision, and you don't have to tell Martin. I think the question is whether you're gonna get better working the same way with the same stress level. And the doctor recommended talking to Martin about a lighter workload but can you do that if you don't tell him the reason?

S1: Yeah, that's where I got to, too. If I go back to work and I don't say anything, the workload, the situation, all that's gonna be the same, and I'm not gonna be able to cope.

S2: Well, you do have a doctor's certificate, and I think at least if Martin knows then he can help you swap around your shifts for the next month just to help you out.

S1: Alright, I'll tell him, and I'll ask for some adjustments at least for the first month.