My name is Greg Bicknell, Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I first became aware of the importance of workplace mental health when talking to business owners whose businesses have been under pressure. In the Northern Territory, a lot of businesses are relying on projects that come and go, and that creates a lot of stress and strain on workplaces both for owners and for the people working within those businesses.

Northern Territory businesses are quite small in size, and they've had to come up with some very innovative ways to address some of the issues in small very tight labor market. For instance, providing small fishing boats for their staff to take out on weekends and really get out and forget about work and come back in refreshed on a Monday morning and really attack what's on in the workplace.

The business leaders role in creating mentally healthy workplace is not so much leadership, it's almost mate-ship in getting to know the people inside the workplace, what drives them, what sort of stresses they're under and then working as a leader to ensure that they know that the organisation and their leaders cares about their mental health.

The employer’s reputation is everything, whether it's our organisation or our members. They need to be providing more than just great wages and a good workplace, they need to have a mentally healthy workplace that makes it fun to work there and bring people back day after day.

Businesses need to include mental health as part of their occupational health and safety planning. They need to have procedures, processes in place to deal with the mental health issues that staff might suffer through the workplace and have strategies in place to address any of those issues.

The Heads Up campaign, really adds benefit to business through increase in productivity, happy employees and more productive employees and that adds to business' bottomline. So everyone is a winner.