I did have to explain to my bosses and my colleagues at the time what had happened and I did go back to work quite quickly to try and help me take my mind off it. And at the time, everyone was really supportive. If I have a moment where I just need a few moments to try and calm myself down if something has happened in my life or something has brought up emotions, they were very understanding. And my bosses are the same. And I feel very comfortable knowing that they all know, it's not something I'm trying to hide from them and it's really great that they're all very supportive and that they all are there for me if I need it. They're also another support network that I have now. They're like family, the girls I work with. So I think it's really great that the people around me know what I've been through, and they're there for me.

I think workplaces should have a counselling service that they can offer or at least someone they recommend. You need to support them in particular and just make sure they feel like they're not being judged 'cause judgement is definitely a big part of it that we put this face on because we're scared of what others will think.

Be there for them, don't ask questions, just let them know you're there. I think that it would be beneficial in a workplace to send around an article or something about whatever they're going through and what it's like for people who are going through that, for those who don't have an understanding. So I think it's good to send an article around or do some training with them or send them somewhere to know about it.