Brodie was a young 19year old, she was a beautiful young girl, she was full of life, full of compassion for others.
She got herself a part time job, she was moving out of home to live in her own little unit and start a whole new adventure. She was so excited at the time but sadly the workplace for Brodie turned out to be a very toxic environment.
There was a bullying culture in place there was no structure in place to protect Brodie or anyone else. For months and months she endured relentless bullying and humiliation and tragically she ended her life.
Brodie's Law is a law that helps protect vulnerable people. It helps protect victims of bullying particularly victims of serious bullying.
It enables police to take out intervention orders against bullies to stop the bullying behaviour to help protect the victims.
It also allows us to conduct criminal investigations and potentially lay charges against the perpetrators of bullying.
It is not something that you should pretend isn't happening and if you are a victim of it you shouldn't feel ashamed of the fact that it is happening to you.
It is something you need to address because if you don't you can turn in on yourself and cause yourself harm and can effect your ability to work study and relate to other people and it is just ongoing.
Bullying can have a big impact on someone's health not only physically but also psychologically.
So the worry and stress and anxiety experienced by the target who is being bullied if that is ongoing in the workplace that can have major affect on that person's health.
Some targets of bullying are reluctant to speak up about bullying, they fear the bullying will get worse or that they will be labelled as a trouble make. Brodie's Law enables those people to go to their local police station and report the bullying there.
No one has the right to continually bully people and in fact even bully people full stop.
Unfortunately, someone had to lose their life for this law to be brought upon us.
I'm 6'4 ft and 120 odd kilos, it doesn't matter how big you are it affects a lot of people and it happened to me.
The message I'd like to give to someone if you are out there and being bullied please please don't sit back and think you are on your own. Please don't think you have to endure this sort of pain by yourself.
Make sure you tell someone about it, there are people who want to help - Victoria Police, your teachers, your employers.
Please don't let it escalate to a stage where you don't know what to do. And you are feeling so bad that it ends up in tragic circumstances.
If people feel they are being bullied they should make some notes about what is happening. So when they decide to take action we can get a full picture about what they've been subjected to.
They should talk to a trusted friend or colleague, tell their manager if it is in a work context, tell a teacher if it is at school. Discuss it with someone they trust and if they wish to they can come and report the matter to police.
They can certainly ring their local police station and seek advice, alternatively and perhaps the best method, is to actually go into the police station , speak to a constable at the counter, make a report and see what the police can do in relation to their case.
I think it is very good that we have a law now that backs up the social norm of the fact that bullying isn't acceptable.
I think it is a good thing subconsciously for people that find themselves in bullying position because they know that not only can they go to their friends and their family, but they can actually go to the police and that they will take you seriously.
So I would say to people who are finding themselves in a bullying situation definitely talk to someone, it is not uncommon we just have to talk about it and take it step by step.
Bullying doesn't stop unless people stand up and are prepared to do something about it and yes the laws can be changed and the law can do this and the courts can do this.
But it really does come back to the individual, lets try and get it so it doesn't have to go to the courts, lets do something better than that.
As Rae said, let's looks after our fellow man and woman. This is what we are trying to do, we want to make a change, but we can't do it by ourselves we need your help.