The decision of whether to talk about your mental health condition at work is a personal one – there's no right or wrong answer, and every situation is different. 

This three-step tool is designed to help you weigh up all the issues. While you'll receive a summary at the end, the main aim of this exercise is to get you thinking about your personal circumstances and what will work best for you.

If you have registered on the website and set up a Heads Up profile, you can save your selection at any point and revisit it again in the future. You can also print out your summary, or email it to yourself or someone you want to talk it over with.

If you decide to go ahead and tell your employer, our conversation planner can help you figure out what you want to say.


Your summary below is based on how strongly you rated your pros and cons. For example, if you chose three pros and rated them all four, your pros score will be 12. These are intended as a guide only. If you're still unsure, give yourself a bit of space to think - you can revisit what you've entered at any time, or start from scratch if your circumstances or priorities change. Remember, talking with a trusted person can also help.

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Your final summary

You've got equal numbers of reasons on both sides, and you've rated the reasons evenly. From what you've indicated, it might be best to think things over some more. Talking things through with a trusted person, your health professional or Employee Assistance Program may also help you see the situation more clearly.

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